Learning Enrichment

Highfields has a Learning Enrichment team.  There are a number of children for whom the team provides additional support in a number of ways, and an exciting approach to meeting enrichment needs.

We are already fortunate K-2 to have small class sizes, where teachers have greater opportunities to work closely with small groups in order to cater to individual needs across the board. This means that the majority of specific learning needs, either support or extension, are met in the classroom. Children requiring any additional support beyond this, in areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling or Maths, receive individual or small group instruction, as planned for specifically by a member of the Learning Enrichment Team, who work in close collaboration with class teachers.

The Enrichment Program offers opportunities for a number of students in Years 1 and 2 to enhance their learning further in a diverse range of areas. Small groups of children work with a member of the Learning Enrichment team for six week blocks of time. The enrichment opportunities available previously have encompassed the creative arts, maths investigations, leadership experiences, creative writing, philosophy and debating.