Experiential Curriculum

At Highfields we endeavour to follow children’s interests in the class investigations explored each term and curriculum areas (English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History , Geography, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and Creative Arts) are incorporated within those class investigations. Teachers begin by listening to the children’s understandings about a particular topic, recording questions and interests, and discussing the direction and scope of the investigation. The in-depth study that follows offers children the opportunity to confirm, modify or change their original ideas and build their knowledge base. The investigations are infused with first-hand experiences (excursions, visitors to the school, parent presenters), which are interesting, stimulating and aimed at assisting children in gathering information and reflecting on their understandings.

Wherever possible during the course of study, children work in small groups. They learn to work together, to listen, share ideas and opinions, to question, argue and find solutions, to take turns, to share roles, to record and present findings to the class. It is the combination of in-depth study, provision of first hand experiences and small group arrangements that empowers and enables children to construct knowledge, as compared to a study where the teacher imparts the knowledge.