Excursions & Incursions

At Highfields we undertake many excursions into the wider community and regularly invite visitors to our school as part of our educational programs. These excursions and ‘in house’ opportunities provide important first hand experiences on which children base current and future learning.

Parents are frequently invited to attend excursions to ensure an appropriate adult-to-child ratio and to share the experience with their child. Parents are informed of excursions in writing via notes containing the following information: venue, date, time, cost, travel arrangements, adult-to-pupil ratio, transport arrangements, names of accompanying staff, names of those holding first aid certificates and the number of the mobile phone being taken on the excursion. The notes are intended to inform as well as seek parental permission for children to attend the excursion. If written permission is not obtained then the child concerned will remain at school supervised by an appropriate adult.

Please note it is Highfields’ policy that buses transporting children on excursions are fitted with seat belts.