Our Program

At Highfields, we have clear aims for our learning program:

  • To create a warm and nurturing learning environment that invites each child to feel secure, happy and valued.
  • To provide meaningful and stimulating programs that encourage enquiry, curiosity and critical thinking.
  • To seek to ensure learning experiences respectfully and powerfully meet the needs of children, both as individuals and as a group.
  • To provide a diversity of first hand experiences and small group activities that motivate children to actively engage in the learning process.
  • To encourage every child to accept challenges and ‘have a go’, without fear of making a mistake.
  • To encourage attitudes of respect, compassion, independence and responsibility through modelling and through the provision of an empowering, caring and positive environment.
  • To closely monitor and support the physical, social and emotional development of each child, so important for balanced development of the whole individual.
  • To facilitate, in every situation, a love of learning that will last a lifetime.