Parents are required to provide a copy of their child’s immunisation certificate prior to enrolment. It is recommended all children be immunised according to the schedule determined by the National Health and Medical Research Council.  To find out more about immunisation in schools, a good place to start is the Department of Education’s website at where links through to the Department of Health website can also be found.

Children not immunised against the illnesses set out by the Department of Health will be excluded from school if there is an outbreak, unless a doctor’s certificate can verify that a child has already had the illness. If children contract other infectious illnesses (eg. chicken pox, impetigo etc) they will be excluded from school for the period specified by the Department of Health. In some circumstances it will be necessary to obtain a doctor’s certificate to confirm the child is ready to return to school. Please contact the school office or your medical practitioner for information on exclusion periods for specific illnesses including measles, whooping cough, mumps, chicken pox, German measles, head lice, conjunctivitis and impetigo.

The school will notify families if there is any serious communicable illness in the school and will notify the Public Health Unit in the event of a child contracting a vaccine-preventable illness.