Car Line

At Highfields a car line operates in the morning for delivering Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 children to school and collecting them from school at the end of the day.

Different classes have different times for car line

Preparatory School children can be collected from car line at the following times:

Kindergarten 2.40pm
Year 1 2.50pm
Year 2 3.00pm

Car line safety

With the safety of children of utmost importance and the necessity for carline to operate efficiently we ask parents observe the following routines:

  1. Enter the school car park area from the Pacific Highway end of Highfield Road.
  2. Proceed slowly to the end of the car park before stopping, ensuring the left hand side wheels do not cross the yellow line, to allow space for the door to open.
  3. On arrival in the morning – Ask your child to release their seat belt, collect their bag and exit the car.
  4. On departure in the afternoon –¬†Staff assist each child to enter their car, and with fastening their seatbelt if required.
  5. Drivers then proceed through the car line before turning left into Highfield Road.

For the sake of an efficient car line we ask that drivers do not get out of the car or engage in lengthy conversations with teachers.