Arrivals & Departures

Preschool Classes

Two, Three and Five Day children commence their day at 8.45am. Parking is available on the school-side of Highfield Road. Please enter the school at the gate near the Kindergarten classroom and accompany your child to their classroom. For safety reasons we ask that you do not enter the school on foot via the car park.

On arrival at the classroom, parents sign a register to verify their child has been delivered to school. As part of the morning routine we ask you to encourage your child to wash their hands, apply sunsreen if this has not been done at home, place their belongings in the appropriate location and to say good morning to the teacher. When ready to leave the school grounds, parents are asked to say goodbye to their child, inform them about when they will be returning and leave relatively quickly to avoid prolonged separation and anxiety.

Two, Three and Five Day classes conclude at 2.30pm. Parents are again asked to park on the school side of Highfield Road and sign the register to verify their child has been collected from school. Please note the children can only leave with an adult other than the parent (such as a nanny, grandparent, family friend) who has written authorisation from the parents to do so. We ask that those given authorisation by parents be made aware of our procedures. Parents and others who also have to collect a child in the Preparatory School are asked to collect the younger child first and then collect their older child from their classroom doorstep.

Preparatory School

The school day commences at 9.00am and outdoor play is supervised from 8.30am. We request children do not arrive before 8.30am unless they are attending a before school class. Parents can park in Highfield Road and escort their children to the classroom, or deliver their children to school via the car line. Parents choosing to use car line to deliver and collect their children are asked to read and become familiar with the CAR LINE section.

The school day concludes at 2.40pm for Kindergarten, 2.50pm for Year 1 and 3.00pm for Year 2. Parents can collect their children in the same way they arrived at school in the morning.