A Day in the Life…


School arrival time: 8.45am
School departure time: 2.30pm

Each day children have the opportunity to enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor activities, small group activities, morning tea and lunch breaks, rest times (or sleep if needed), story, singing, dance and drama times with their class. Programming for each day is based on the needs and interests of each child, and the class investigation being explored. In addition, Three Day and Five Day children enjoy a sport , ICT, library and music session with specialist teachers.

Preparatory School

School arrival time: 8.30am to 9.00am
Morning tea: 10.40-11.00am
Lunch: 12.30-1.30pm
School departure time: Kindergarten: 2.40pm
Year 1: 2.50pm
Year 2: 3.00pm

Each class commences their day at 9.00am.

Each class has a sport, ICT, library and music lesson with specialist teachers during the course of the week.

Crunch & Sip, Morning Tea and Lunch

Crunch&Sip® is a set time for children to ‘refuel’ on vegetables and fruit and ‘rehydrate’ with water. At Highfields class teachers choose a morning time for children to have their Crunch&Sip while a story is read or instructions for an upcoming activity are given. We have found that children who are not hungry and are well hydrated perform better in the classroom, and show increased concentration.

We teach children about good nutrition and families can assist by ensuring healthy foods are packed for morning tea and lunch daily. A water bottle should also be provided. Highfields is a ‘nut and egg free zone’. We ask that no loose nuts or products made from, or including nuts be sent to school. We also ask that no boiled eggs, egg sandwiches, meringue, mayonnaise or quiche be sent to school. During morning tea and lunch times, children are required to sit until they have finished their refreshments before playing.

A lunch order service through Flexischools is available for children and families on Fridays. This service is very popular in the Highfields community.

Playground Supervision

Teachers supervise the children as they eat and play at morning tea and lunch times. This involves a daily check to confirm lunch box items have been consumed as well as observation of the children at play.