The goal of sport lessons at Highfields is to promote physical activity and encourage an active lifestyle. Three Day, Five Day and Prep School children all enjoy their sport lesson each week. The following descriptions provide an idea about the scope of sporting activity over the course of the year:

Games and Sport

The aim of this unit is to develop each child’s competence and confidence in a broad range of games, sport and physical activity. The children develop fundamental movement skills, progressing to more game and sport specific skills in an environment that fosters positive feelings of success and enjoyment.


This unit aims to help children develop the ability to communicate and express themselves through movement.


Children investigate and succeed in a wide variety of movement experiences and challenges, developing skill, demonstrating control and exploring the ways in which the body can move.

Children in the Prep School wear a sports uniform on their designated sport day. Designed to be practical for sporting activities, the items can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.