The objective of the music program is to foster a love of music. All children regularly sing, move, play and create music in order to develop an understanding of how music works. Music lessons take place in an incredibly well resourced music room with a highly qualified specialist music teacher.

Three and Five Day classes occur weekly and the children learn a large variety of songs often linked in with their investigations in the classroom. They develop a strong sense of beat and have access to many percussion instruments. A number of musical games are also included in each class.

Singing is a main focus in the music program throughout the school. All children in Three Day, Five Day and the Prep school take part in weekly whole school singing at the school assembly. The songs are also often accompanied by the children themselves on tuned and untuned percussion or by the school chamber orchestra.

The chamber orchestra rehearses weekly with instruments. They perform regularly at school events such as Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day and Carols.

Students in the Prep School  have music lessons twice a week. The approach used is sequential, child centred and creative. In every class the children sing, dance, play and compose their way to understanding how music works. They find their own ways to express the beat, devise their own rhythmic and melodic patterns to contribute to class compositions using works by famous composers as a model. They listen to and respond to a wide range of music and devise their own dance sequences. They perform in class ensembles on a wide range of percussion instruments from around the world including marimbas, steel drums, xylophones, drums. In Year 2 all students also learn the recorder. This provides them with different skills and enables them to learn to read music fluently.

There are many opportunities for performances at school and visiting musicians regularly visit the school to perform. These have included performances by Musica Viva, Oz Opera and duos by professional musicians. The children also often have the opportunity to perform outside the school.