The Highfields Experience

Every aspect of our curriculum is developed and refined to reflect the real needs and interests of our students, and first hand experiences are embedded in classroom activities to intrigue, engage and support constructive learning.

Small group activities offer opportunities for children to collaborate, negotiate, question and problem solve, as a means of acquiring and refining their skill base, knowledge and understanding. The inviting and well-resourced classroom environments lend themselves to the facilitation of these cooperative and constructive experiences.

A leafy and inviting outdoor environment provides boundless possibilities for exploration and creativity. The lush garden with its rocky creek bed, large sand pit and inspired planting, invites children to imagine, discover and investigate, while the outdoor climbing equipment and open spaces allow for more active pursuits.

Prior to School Programs

Highfields provides a two day program on Mondays and Tuesdays for children who turn three on or before 31 March in the year of entry, and there are two programs tailored for our four year olds. These include a three day program on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and a five day program.

Activities are carefully planned and balanced, integrating the beginnings of literacy, numeracy and technology with the liveliness of art, sport, music and play. Confidence in self and ability is nurtured through the provision of stimulating learning experiences and supported by caring and insightful early childhood educators.

Kindergarten to Year 2

The Preparatory School consists of two classes in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2. Each class has approximately 16 students and enjoys the extra support of a classroom assistant in addition to the class teachers for key learning times.

A tradition of nurturing individual academic excellence across key learning areas of English; Mathematics; Science and Technology; Human Society and Its Environment; Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education and Creative Arts is something of which Highfields staff are proud. A solid foundation in the ‘basics’ sits comfortably alongside a desire to provide opportunities for in depth study that stimulates inquiry and investigation.

Beyond the pursuit of academic excellence, everyday experiences are dedicated to nurturing the self confidence, social awareness and sense of belonging that are so important for the balanced development of each child.