An Introduction to Highfields

Highfields specialises in early childhood education and caters for children from Preschool to Year 2. It is a small school with big ideas offering a warm, nurturing co-educational environment, where exciting and progressive programming challenges children and teachers alike.

Highfields is independent, non-denominational and managed by a Council of Governors. This Council is comprised of parents who currently have children at the School.

The School is staffed by experienced and highly qualified teachers and assistants who are dedicated and committed to providing a secure yet challenging learning environment which is appropriate, interesting and imaginative.

The small class sizes in the Preparatory School (Kindergarten to Year 2) and commitment to collaborative group activities offers maximum opportunities throughout each day for every child to be engaged, supported and challenged at an individual level.

First time visitors to Highfields School come away with a collection of lasting impressions: the unique small class sizes, the well resourced classrooms, the beautiful outdoor environment, but above all, what creates the strongest and most persistent, enduring impression is the extraordinarily friendly, caring and vibrant learning community that exists at Highfields. This community is nurtured by the strong, meaningful relationships between the students and their teachers and these relationships are at the heart of the Highfields’ experience.

Every aspect of our curriculum has been developed and refined to reflect the real needs and interests of our students, and to infuse in our students a genuine love of learning, a thirst for knowledge and a healthy desire to achieve their potential.

Deborah Cook, Principal